Pastors of WWA Senior Pastor David Britton and Associate Pastor Jennifer Britton.

Our Approach

Our Story

Water & Wine is an assembly of followers of Jesus in South Eastern New Brunswick, who share a desire to worship the Lord, grow in His Word, be trained and equipped for the work of the ministry and to reach out to the lost with the Father’s love. We are located at 95 Massey Ave. in Moncton.

We wanted a non-religious name for our assembly that had lots of meaning. The Water is representative of the need for repentance, and the accompanying baptism, as well as the refreshing and invigorating function of Holy Spirit, as we gather ourselves together. The Wine is descriptive of the Holy Spirit and His transforming power. Also, wine has associations with healing. Many of the activities of Holy Spirit can be illustrated by either Water or Wine. So our name normally provides an opportunity to explain the full gospel. Then some folks get it mixed up and say, “Water to Wine”, so we say, “That too!”

Most of those attending Water & Wine are from an evangelical background, but came to the realization that there is MORE. Holy Spirit has freedom to minister in our midst and the gifts of the Spirit are welcome and in operation.

In the early days of our church, pioneered by Pastors David & Marilyn Britton, we were greatly touched by the outpouring of Holy Spirit that began at TACF (Now known as Catch The Fire Toronto) in 1994. We consider The Father’s Love renewal movement as central to our DNA.

More recently, our congregation, going through many changes, has been connecting to Open Door Church with Pastor Troy Brewer in Burleson, Texas. Their leadership team have been helpful in coaching us with our community groups and in sharing their like heart for reaching the lost and marginalized groups in society. Since connecting with them we have expanded our food pantry and started a new outreach ministry to the homeless, “Lunches of Love”.

At Water & Wine, we say we are a church on the move and we believe time is short before the return of King Jesus. It is our desire to be Kingdom Releasers leaking Jesus everywhere we go.